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Signature Lime Plaster

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Limocoat Lime Plaster can be given exclusive and unique aesthetics by using our Signature finishes. Our signature finishes replaces expensive wall papers, Wall Tiles, Natural Stones, etc and creates bespoke walls by manipulating visual as well as physical textures. Aesthetically pleasing color pallets are used to create a unique bespoke walls. Since it is applied by hand every wall be unique. 

The choices are endless; You can choose from Copper Patina, Rust Patina, Wave, Multi-layer Venetian finishes, Smooth Concrete, Lime Paints, etc. 

It will provide join-free thin finishes (up to 2 mm). The single wall can be as large as 800-1000 Square Feet. It has all the functional advantage of natural Lime Plaster. Can be used for interior as well exterior surfaces.


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  • Copper Patina SG 0001 Copper Patina SG 0001
  • Rust Patina SG 0002 Rust Patina SG 0002
  • Smooth Travertine SG 0003 Smooth Travertine SG 0003
  • Streaks SG 0004 Streaks SG 0004
  • SG 0005 SG 0005
  • SG 0006 SG 0006
  • SG 0007 SG 0007
  • SG 0008 SG 0008
  • SG 0009 SG 0009
  • SG 0010 SG 0010
  • SG 0011 SG 0011
  • SG 0012 SG 0012
  • SG 0013 SG 0013